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3 Reasons to Give Virtual Parties Another Try

Let's face it; we're all tired of virtual hangouts. Zoom happy hours, and Facebook Live events have lost all glitz and glam. We want to go out! We're ready to be free, but with the spread of the virus still in full effect, it looks like we're stuck where we are a little longer. So let's try to make the most of it! 

OMC's upcoming luncheon, Byrde's Dancers Scholarship Luncheon, will host a virtual venue for those of us still staying away from large crowds. This luncheon will be a great event.

Here are three ways this virtual Byrde's Dancers Scholarship Luncheon will be a fun experience:

  1. Life's better with a Byrde's Basket: With your ticket purchase, you will receive a basket full of goodies to enjoy during the luncheon. This basket will include little nibbles, raffle tickets for great prizes, games, and small tokens of OMC's appreciation of your support! 

  2. This is not your average live video event: Unlike Facebook Live or Youtube events, which require you to sit and watch a live feed for an hour or more, this luncheon will be interactive! We will have prizes and games and a fantastic MC who will make sure everyone is having a fun time! OMC throws great events; this is no exception. 

  3. No FOMO (fear of missing out): Because of this year's hybrid luncheon, both an in-person and virtual event are happening. The keynote speakers, interviews with past Byrde's Dancers, and the overall message will be the same. However, the in-person lunchers might have FOMO for the virtual venue because only the virtual lunchers will play games and get prizes throughout the event!

We've all been discouraged by a virtual event that didn't work out the way we expected. Byrde's Dancers Scholarship Luncheon will not disappoint. Whether at home or in person, this OMC luncheon will be one for the books! Purchase your tickets today! 

*Virtual venue tickets sales end September 3. Limited seats are available. Click HERE to order tickets, or learn more info at



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