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Byrde's Dancers Scholarship Luncheon Now Has Online Venue

OMC has made it their mission to spread art around the community of Baton Rouge, no matter the public’s previous art exposure. Kick It Out, and Byrde's Dancers Scholarship Fund are clear examples of OMC's mission: allowing children of all backgrounds to experience the joy of dancing and performing. Kick It Out is a community outreach project that encompasses four months of dance classes taught by professional dancers. Around half of the children who apply for Kick It Out need the assistance of scholarships. A handful of those students receive a Byrde’s Dancers scholarship. A Byrde's Dancers scholarship is a full-ride scholarship that also awards children with a costume and shoes, photos, and videos of the performance, as well as family tickets to Kick It Out.

Join OMC this year in cultivating Byrde’s Dancers Scholarship Fund, as they endeavor to bring this incredible opportunity to as many underserved families as possible in 2021. This year OMC presents Jeff Rome as their honorary chair as well as Cheri Ausberry and Jacie Scott as key-note speakers. Cheri Ausberry was recently named one of Business Report’s 2020 Influential Women of the Year. Jacie Scott is an OMC dancer with a vast background that spans from cheering as a Dallas Cowboy to dancing as a Rockette. Hear how these women took risks to pursue their dreams and realize success in their respective industries.

Celebrate the continuation of arts in the city of Baton Rouge! Enjoy a beautiful luncheon at the Old Governor's Mansion. This year, due to the global pandemic, Byrde's Dancers Scholarship Luncheon will also host a virtual luncheon. For more information, or to purchase table sponsorships and tickets, go to



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