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Interview With: Susan Perlis

Susan Perlis is the Associate Director of the Baton Rouge Ballet Theatre and a ballet teacher at both LSU and The Dancers’ Workshop. She is also the Lead Instructor for OMC’s Dance for Parkinson’s at the NeuroMedical Center of Baton Rouge. As a teacher and a dancer, Susan spreads her love for dance and music throughout Baton Rouge. Of Moving Colors Productions is incredibly honored to have her on our team!

Name someone who has been an important mentor or a source of inspiration to you and why? "I very much appreciate the lifework of Ruth Bader Ginsberg, and I find her indomitable spirit inspiring. Old age can be a time of importance."

What is your favorite part of your job? "I have huge respect for my students. I see how the training helps to shape exceptional people. I also love that my job has a soundtrack. I love the music."

How have you learned to communicate differently with your students in your teaching? "It's important to find the right words in explaining movement. Now providing verbal imagery is even more crucial."

What’s one way you've seen your work impact others?  "I have trained dancers who are now professional dancers, dance teachers, and educators. I am happy to have shared my love of dance, especially ballet, with them."

What role does art play in your life? Has that role changed since the COVID-19 outbreak?  "I enjoy music, art galleries, dance concerts, which I look for online now. During isolation, I plan to putter on the piano. And I may write a poem or two!"

How are you choosing to relax during quarantine? "Gardening is always fun and relaxing. I also like to cook, and I'm expanding my recipes as I try to go vegetarian(ish). "

Susan just recently made an IttyBitty video as part of OMC's IttyBitty program. Based on the movements she teaches in her Dance for Parkinson's class, this IttyBitty invites those with Parkinson's to stretch and dance!



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