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Interview With: Cheri Ausberry

Cheri Ausberry, the Louisiana customer service manager at Entergy, was just named one of the Greater Baton Rouge Business Report's 2020 Influential Women in Business! While being extremely talented and accomplished in her own right, Cheri is also an avid supporter of the arts in Baton Rouge. This support includes advising OMC on our advisory board. We are incredibly honored to have her on our team!

Name someone who has been an important mentor or a source of inspiration to you and why? "My mother was an inspiration. She raised 5 children, worked, and was the wind beneath my father’s wings as he pursued social justice and equality for all during some tumultuous times in our nation and state’s history. She kept our family household intact. My mother taught us to stand up for what we believed in but to do it with sensitivity and grace. She taught me that you can be a strong woman yet serve with these values. My mother always showed sharp judgment and still does at 87 years old." What is your favorite part of your job? "I really like helping people and businesses solve their problems or assisting them with any issues they may have. It brings me joy when I can see the fruits of their labor come to life." What’s one way you've seen your work impact others? "Through my career, I have been able to help many people purchase their first home or start a new business. When I can help people become self-sufficient or be the master of their own destiny I sense an accomplishment for them. We are all winning when this happens!" What role does art play in your life? Has that role changed since the COVID-19 outbreak?  "Art plays a very important role in my life. I used to dream of becoming a painter. My mom put me in many art camps at the New Orleans Museum of Art and other places during my youth. I was also fortunate to attend NOCCA for a year while I was in high school. I learned that it wouldn’t really pay the bills, but I still incorporate that love whether it’s a little interior designing around my house or my garden. I have spent many days on my patio since the quarantine, and have made numerous trips to the local nurseries, like Lowes and Louisiana Nursery to purchase flowers and dirt. It brings me joy… I do try to paint or draw when I have time (now I have no excuses). I love music, theatre, and visual arts; I try my best to support these by attending concerts and shows. That is why I became engaged with Of Moving Colors Productions." Why do you support OMC? "I think the arts are important for the quality of life in a community. It brings beauty and joy. It’s also an economic driver when the city recruits businesses to locate here. I love dance and what OMC is doing especially in the underserved areas of our community." How are you choosing to relax during quarantine? "I exercise as much as I can. I've been cooking a great deal for the two hungry teenage boys in our house. I also sit on my patio and watch the sunset and pray and meditate with hopes that this will all end soon. As my mother always told me, this too shall pass."



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