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Get Your Blood Pumping With Quick Dance Classes

Of Moving Colors Productions (OMC) – Baton Rouge’s contemporary dance theatre company - announces new dance classes available online! We have made it our mission to bring the world of dance to you!

Of Moving Colors Productions’ newest program, the IttyBittys, are FREE bite-sized movement sessions taught by OMC’s vast network of talented dancers around the world. Whether you’re looking to dance a fast-paced jazz piece with a former Rockette or learn to stretch and breathe with a kinetic expressionist,OMC’s IttyBittys give you the luxury of dancing any way, anywhere. Find an IttyBitty that’s right for you at or subscribe to OMC’s YouTube channel: The IttyBittys span several dance forms, including strengthening, jam, contemporary and modern.

Artistic Director Garland Goodwin Wilson reaches out to the global wave of dance companies and communities. “Dance speaks a language beyond words that deeply connects with our current perspective,” Wilson notes, “Artists bridge the gap from chaos to beauty, from denial to reality... or even from reality to a much-needed deterrence.” Wilson believes in the power of dance, especially during moments of difficulty. She has made it her mission to continue bringing dance to the city of Baton Rouge and beyond despite the current social restrictions.



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