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as·phyx·i·a·tion (a dance film)

We haven't seen a better representation of our current circumstances. as-phyx-i-a-tion is well worth the watch!

During the COVID-19 Outbreak
Phone on Desk

Best Apps for Dancers Who Are Social Distancing

For dancers used to moving their bodies and working collaboratively, social distancing at home can come with particular challenges...

Image by Oleg Magni

Has Coronavirus Turned IG Into What It Should Be?

With the shuttering of schools and theaters... and the sudden impossibility of performing or watching the art of professional dance live... 

Image by Claire Mueller

Resources for Dancers Affected by the Virus

Dance/USA is working to ... provide a number of resources regarding the impact of COVID-19 on our field.

Image by Hannah Busing

Dancing Alone Together

An aggregation of live-streamed dance classes

Image by Simona Todorova

No, You're Not A Bad Person If You Don't Want to Take Virtual Dance Classes

Odds are, your social media feed has recently become cluttered with a barrage of virtual dance classes...

Surgical Mask

Coronavirus Awareness Dance

A catchy dance about protecting yourself against the coronavirus is spreading...

Articles / Videos We Like
Image by Dim 7

Dancing the Sculptural

Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker has a special relationship with Constantin Brancusi...


Smoke Pt. 1

by Mats Ek


L’Apres Midi D’un Faune




What My Body Does Not Remember

Excerpts from Wim Vandekeybus


Pina Bausch

"Dance, dance, or we are lost." Pina Bausch's final words summarize her life and provide inspiration...


Smoke Pt. 2

by Mats Ek



30 years ago, dance company Rosas put itself on the map with the production Rosas danst Rosas. This choreography has since been staged all over the world. And now it’s your turn...

Image by Matthew LeJune

Dance for PD

Dance for PD's online store is designed to provide you with a safe and secure environment to purchase our acclaimed media products or register for our specialized training programs. Your shopping cart will be active until you leave the store.

Gyan Mudra

Meditation For Stress

From a 5-minute meditation to stress-relieving yoga, watch these videos to learn new coping techniques...


Smoke Pt. 3

by Mats Ek


Mitchell Rose: Comedic Short Films

Mitchell Rose, formerly a choreographer and performance artist, now I’m a filmmaker, presents his films made over the past two decades. Most are comedic, many involve dance...

Crowd-Sourced Digital Performances
Image by Tim Marshall

Exquisite Corps

A dance-film: 42 American contemporary choreographers link together on a chain love letter to dance.

Image by Masaaki Komori

What The World Needs Now

"Just a little something to brighten your day. What started as an idea on my flight home from college ended in a collaboration with some of the most incredible people..."

Image by Dimitri Houtteman

Globe Trot

50 filmmakers, 23 countries, 1 dance. A crowd-sourced dance-film on all seven continents. Directed by Mitchell Rose



30 years ago, dance company Rosas put itself on the map with the production Rosas danst Rosas. This choreography has since been staged all over the world. And now it’s your turn...

Image by Ryoji Iwata

Be a part of Glob Trot

Film a non-dancer performing two seconds of Bebe’s choreography
and then send their footage to Mitchell who will edit it together into a seamless whole.

Dance Companies To Know About
Hubbard Street Dance Chicago

Glenn Edgerton, Artistic Director

Doug Varone & Dancers

Doug Varone, Artistic Director

Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater

Troy Powell, Artistic Director

Parsons Dance

David Parsons, Artistic Director

Pacific Northwest Ballet in Seattle

Peter Boal, Artistic Director

Joffrey Ballet

Ashley Wheater, Artistic Director

New York City Ballet

Jonathan Stafford, Artistic Director

Move With Us
Dance For Parkinson's
The Keersmaeker Project (re:Rosas)
Personal Training
Summer Intensives


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