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Re: Rosas in Louisiana

Rosas danst Rosas (see below video) is a dance created by Rosas, made popular by the music video, Countdown, by Beyonce. Over the years, many dancers have created their own spin on the classic Rosas dance and now is your turn! 


A few years back, Rosas put out a video with the step-by-step choreography for Rosas danst Rosas. Now everyone can learn the dance from the comfort of your own home! OMC invites you to become a part of our City Bound season by dancing the dance along-side us! 

Become a part of an OMC performance!

Film yourself dancing Rosas danst Rosas, and add it to our City Bound form! 

Having Trouble Uploading? If the City Bound form is giving you trouble, feel free to email us the videoPlease use the subject "re:Rosas." 

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