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Photo by Tahjah Harmony • Sponsored by InRegister

Over 30 years ago the legendary Flemish choreographer, Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, had her breakthrough with Rosas danst Rosas. Her choreography is even danced in Beyonce’s Countdown video. In 1995, it was crafted into a short film shown on all of the major European television channels, directed by Thierry De May. As part of the choreographer’s COVID-19 response, she has offered teaching videos to learn a section of the dance that takes place in chairs. 
She’s asked the world to offer their own renditions and we’ve joined the fun!
To Belgium - from Baton Rouge with Love:
People had a chance to be a part of an OMC performance! OMC asked Baton Rouge to submit chair moves and pictures. The Keersmaeker project was our Baton Rouge spin on Rosas danst Rosas.