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Julian Guillory is a dancer, choreographer, dance team consultant, and movement coach based in Baton Rouge, LA. His passion for dance has led him nationally and locally to work with many organizations such as Of Moving Colors (OMC), Nyama Contemporary Dance Company (NCDC), and the Universal Dance Association (UDA).  He has traveled throughout Louisiana, Tennessee, Washington DC  and Michigan dance and choreographing. He has choreographed for the Dutchtown High School “Griffin Girls'', McKinley High School “Blue Diamondz”, Central High “Kittens”, Mckinley Middle “Mustang Magnets” and the Episcopal School Baton Rouge “Gold Steppers”.  He has instructed in many schools throughout the East Baton Rouge Parish School system and is a guest artist in residence for the parish. Earlier this year as a dancer with Nyama Contemporary Dance Company, under the artistic direction of Roxi Victorian Julian was flown to The Kennedy Center in Washington DC as a guest dancer in residence.  He has worked with nationally known choreographers such as Christian Von Howard (NY), Pavel Zustiak (NY), John Allen (UT), Frankie Lee Peterson III (TX), and Lindsey Dietz Marchant (NY) , Jennifer Holliday (TX) and the internationally recognized Debbie Allen (Fame). Last year, Julian  wrapped production on his first dance role in a Netflix feature film “Tall Girl 2”, dance scene in the CW tv series “Interview with a Vampire”, and a club dance scene in “Queer As Folk” streaming on Peacock. He is currently an instructor at Revolution Dance Company under the direction of Carrie Webb, the head of the dance department at Mckinley Senior High School, and has developed a dance program within The Boy and Girls Club of Baton Rouge. This is Julian’s 7th season with Of Moving Colors.

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