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the ittybittys

Photo by Tahjah Harmony • Sponsored by InRegister



Of Moving Colors Productions is building a collection of offerings that help lighten our minds for a few minutes during this heavier time, as creators or participants.  The project can offer a sense of accomplishment or even just completion which isn’t easy for everyone. It’s also an intimate outlet where you can offer your creativity, training, techniques, and choreography without a lot of pressure. You’re basically tackling 4 “8-counts.” 


We are cheerleaders for doing projects together right now… it breaks down the walls of isolation and brings us together within our profession. Hope to meet you through an IttyBitty or otherwise!!



What is an IttyBitty and how do I do it?

An IttyBitty is basically a super short dance, movement or wellness class. We’re getting people in yoga, jazz, modern, ballet, zumba, “jam,” meditation, Dance for Parkinson’s and all sorts of genres to show and teach just 4 "8-counts" and then we'll share 'em on Insta and anywhere else we can. Follow the links below to find out specifics!

Look through the Instructions or send us an email at


Challenge accepted! Join in on a worldwide project by learning this chair choreography!


The IttyBittys

Stretch, Dance, and Jam with these IttyBitty

10-minute dance classes!



Be Inspired

Look through dance resources OMC is inspired by!


Movement Interviews

Follow our collaborative work that captures the isolation and experiences of artists and arts organizations everywhere.


watch new City Bound performances exclusively on YouTube


enjoy live stories, and celebrate past artists & photographers


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