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Founded in 1987, Of Moving Colors Productions (OMC) has been a strong dance presence in Baton Rouge for 35 years.

Under the Artistic Direction of Garland Goodwin Wilson, OMC offers the general public two to three full-scale dance theatre productions annually. We also operate an extensive community outreach program entitled “CLOSER to the Arts.” These activities include smaller community performances, educational outreaches, workshops, lectures, master artist residencies and modern dance classes open to the dance community. Each decade, we reach between10,000 and 15,000 people and have performed in well over 100 venues across the city, state and nation.

Please invest with us as we bring excitement and culture to our community through dance.

Our Work...

  • Has been called mesmerizing, terrific, inspiring, entertaining, important and culturally rich.

  • Seen by hundreds of thousands of people over the last 30 years.

  • Can cost between $40,000 - $80,000 when paying for the theatre, production expenses and all of our artists.

  • Continues to strengthen the cultural scene in our city and help it thrive.

  • Provides jobs for an average of 15 dancers and artists per new artistic production.

  • Brings in world-class artists to the Capital City who works with OMC's dancers and shares their talents in schools and universities across the state of Louisiana.

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