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Photos by Eye Wander Photography

IntimateWorks is dedicated to the devoted patrons of OMC.

Your unwavering support is greatly appreciated.



In the Company of Dancers (ITCOD) was founded in 1987 by Lisa Hooks Murray to bring modern dance to as many people as possible, both through educational outreaches and major productions. In 1998 Garland Goodwin Wilson was announced Artistic Director of the Company. ITCOD went through a merger with Wilson's collaborative company, Of Moving Colors Productions. OMC believes that bringing the arts together represents a critical element to the culture of any city. Each year OMC brings together dance, theatre, live music, and the visual arts through major productions and educational outreaches. OMC also brings in top-flight guest artists for master classes, choreography, and special programs for neighborhoods and schools.


Of Moving Colors (OMC) is a contemporary dance-theatre organization dedicated to creating and presenting excellent performances and community-based dance activities that inspire, educate, and stimulate. OMC is equally committed to offering admirable opportunities to dancers in our community in the form of master classes, guest residencies, and paid work in order to further the validity of the dance profession in Louisiana.


Pamela Matassa

Amanda Henkel

Amie Kozan

Barry Milligan

Brent Milligan

Daryl McCreary

Gretchen Erickson

Heather Sewell Day

Jesse Price

Lisa Emerson

Melana Lloyd

Monica Murphy

Rachel Perlis

Starr Long


Cheri Ausberry

Allison Lamar Beard

Ann Connelly

Fred C. Dent, III

Cordell Haymon

Kelly Hurtado

Mary Lilly

Anne Marks

Bettsie Miller

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Director's Statement

In 2006 and 2007, Of Moving Colors entertained a small audience of twenty individuals in the home of David and Sarah Baird. Dwell Magazine photographed the home on the night of the 2007 performance. The experience was a precious one where, for only an hour, a small gathering of people were intimately intertwined as the dancers and the audience shared a space of just over 350 square feet. The feedback was of tender appreciation from both the viewer and the performer as each one was vulnerable to the other.

It’s invigorating to see this intimate performance back in our season as we move into 2024.  
It’s an endeavor designed to be a performance, an interaction and also a fundraising effort for the dancers while simultaneously continuing to nudge the community forward with the pertinent understanding of what it means to commission, support and offer patronage to dance as a viable art form in Louisiana. We appreciate your being here this evening and hope you enjoy the offering!

                          - Garland Goodwin Wilson

                           Artistic Director


Dance is much more than a mere sequence of steps. It embodies a profound mode of communication. It is an outlet for expression, articulating the unspeakable. Martha Graham once said, "Dance is the hidden language of the soul, of the body." It represents the release emotions in the rawest form of human expression.

In performance, a metaphorical 'fourth wall' often exists. It creates a subtle yet significant barrier between the performers and the audience. Onstage, dancers navigate an almost mystical realm, aware the viewers presence yet separated by this unseen boundary, as if we've stepped into an alternate universe.

However, this imaginary wall is not impenetrable. In moments of transcendent performance, it shatters, paving the way for a profound, direct connection with the audience. This connection surpasses mere visual observation, evolving into an intimate, shared experience where emotions, stories, and human essence intertwine in the universal language of movement.

Tonight, we step out from behind the fourth wall to connect with you through this offering.

                                    -Hannah Knoff

                                    Associate Director

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Patrons Z9A_5823.jpg

We are incredibly grateful to our patrons who have journeyed with us for 36 years

Platinum ($10,000 and above)

Margaret Heffron


Goldenrod ($5,000 - $9,999)

Susan Lipsey


Scarlet ($2,500 - $4,999)

Jennifer Eplett & Sean E. Reilly

William R. Wilson


Emerald ($1,000 - $2,499)

Sonja Bruzauskas & Houston Haymon

Amy Crane

Brian Hales & Catherine Coates

Rich & Claire Major

Cary Saurage

Hank & Laurie Saurage

Junior League of Baton Rouge Inc.

Parkinson's Foundation


Magenta ($500 - $999)

Susan & Frederic Billings

Margaret Boudreaux

Diane Kirtland

Timothy & Deanna Knoff

Starr Long

Claire Marron

Emily Norris

Lisa Oldenburg

John & Shelly Spruell

Elizabeth "Boo" Thomas

Chasity Wascom


Violet ($250 - $499)

Abounding Love Ministries

Aron Biedenharn

Rena Cannon

Astrid Clements

Patricia A. Day & Joseph G. Simmons

LeeAnn & David Kozan

Rachel Lauve

Prevailing Word Christian Center

Leigh Ann Texada

Lynn Z. Tucker, MD

Shannon Venuto

Steve & Claire Wilson

Aqua ($100 - $249)

Thomas Angers

Princeton & Dadie Bardwell

Lea Anne Batson

Aron Biedenharn

Camille Manning-Broome

Lauren Champagne

Leslie Day

Brooke & Jerry Dynes

Paula E. Gandy

Jessica Hatcher

Hannah Heltz

Shirley Henkel

James Hornbeak

Kayla Johnson

Bonnie Kemp

Ryn Jones

Margaret E. Kozan

Lee Ann Lockridge

Sylvia Martinez

Jubo Nordstrom

Carol Norwood

Elizabeth M. Perry

Ann & Brody Saxon

Page Silvia

Frances & Charles Smith

Laura Thomas

Renita Williams Thomas











Performed by the company

Improvisation set by Hannah Knoff

Music by Son Lux

Performed by the company

Choreographed by Julian Guillory

Music by Leikeli47

Performed by Julian Guillory and Gabrielle Thibodeaux

Choreographed by Julian Guillory

Music by Armand Amar

Performed by Madilyn Cashio and Terri Alexander

Choreographed by Hannah Knoff

Music by Meredith Monk

Performed by the company

Improvisation set by Hannah Knoff

Music by Ólafur Arnalds

Performed by Teri Alexander, Madilyn Cashio, and Julia Lynch

Choreographed by Madilyn Cashio

Music by Mulatu Astatke

Performed and choreographed by Hannah Knoff and Julian Guillory

Music by Ólafur Arnalds

Performed by Terri Alexander, Madilyn Cashio, and Hannah Knoff

Choreographed by Garland Goodwin Wilson

Music by Oliver Tank

Performed and choreographed by the company

Music by Max Richter

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About US Z9A_6438.jpg


Garland Goodwin Wilson received her BA in Theatre from LSU and studied locally at 2M's School of Dance. She has also studied modern dance across the world at centers and festivals such as Impulstanz Vienna and the Jose Limon Institute in New York. She has trained under and facilitated residencies with artists such as Ashleigh Leite, Netta Yerushalmy, Irene Rampino and Emily Plauche-Flink and has has toured with Windows Dance Company (Brazil, Asia, Hawaii) and with TNZTT Dance Theatre (Slovakia, Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic). Locally, she has worked for Capitol High, Scotlandville Magnet High, The Runnels School, Playmakers, and the Arts Council of GBR. Garland is Board President of the Louisiana Alliance for Dance and Board Member for Palissimo Dance in NYC. She has served as a grants panelist for the BR Area Foundation and the Arts Councils of GBR, Shreveport and Louisiana, and is also a Louisiana Dance Fellow for Choreography.  In 1996, she returned to the state and has served as the Artistic Director of OMC since 1997, creating over 30 major works for the company and taking the arts to literally hundreds of venues in the southern region. She is incredibly thankful to her family that has been intimately supportive for over a quarter of a century.

Hannah Knoff B&W Headshot.png


Hannah Knoff is a performing artist from Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  In May of 2022, she earned her Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Dance from Northwestern State University, where she studied under Kirstin Riehl, Brett Garfinkel, Michael Lomeka, Crystal Lewis, Rebecca Morgan, and Jared Doster. In her four years at Northwestern she performed with the NSU Dance Company, the Demon Dazzlers, and was a founding officer of  the Dance Organization of Students.  Throughout her dance career, Hannah has had opportunities to dance with Bodyart Dance (project specific), Opera Louisiane, the Moscow Ballet, and the Baton Rouge Symphony. She has participated in choreographic residencies with renowned artists John Allen, Christian Von Howard, and Pavel Zuštiak.



Teri is a dance artist from Plaquemine, Louisiana who has been dancing for 20 years. She received her early training from Peggy Grant’s School of Dance, DancExpression and Iberville Math, Science, and Arts Academy- West. She then went on to receive her Bachelors of Fine Arts in dance from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette in May of 2022. There she had the honor of training under instructors Marie Broussard, Kenneth Jenkins, Kristi Carr, Alex McBride, Sarah Lass, and Michael Crotty, as well as being a member of the Ragin’ Jazz dance team for 2 years. Through her training at UL, Teri was able to work with artists such as Blakeley White-McGuire, Daniel Fetecua, Taylor Mitchell, Leah LaGrange, and Kaylin Maggard, as well as attend intensives with Salt Contemporary Dance, Kizuna Dance, LED, Whim Whim, Millennium Dance Complex Nashville, and Vagabondance. This is Teri’s first year dancing with Of Moving Colors.



Madilyn is from Livonia, La. She received her training at Joffrey Ballet School in Texas and earned a BFA in dance from University of Louisiana at Lafayette (2022). Cashio has studied under the direction of Desmond Richardson, Yosha Sorzano, Lauren Edson, Omar Román De Jesús, Amy Gunter and many more. She’s had the opportunity to work with Art Spark, Basin Arts and Window Wonderland. She currently is the company director at Core Dance Center and is the instructor of Notre Dame High School dance team.



Julian is a dancer, choreographer, dance team consultant, and movement coach based in Baton Rouge, LA. His passion for dance has led him nationally and locally to work with many organizations such as Of Moving Colors, Nyama Contemporary Dance Company, and the Universal Dance Association. Earlier this year as a dancer with Nyama Contemporary Dance Company, under the artistic direction of Roxi Victorian Julian was flown to The Kennedy Center in Washington DC as a guest dancer in residence. He has worked with nationally known choreographers such as Christian Von Howard, Pavel Zustiak, John Allen , Frankie Lee Peterson III, and Lindsey Dietz Marchant, Jennifer Holliday and the internationally recognized Debbie Allen. Julian appeared in a dance role in Netflix feature film “Tall Girl 2”, dance scene in the CW tv series “Interview with a Vampire”, and a club dance scene in “Queer As Folk”. He is currently an instructor at Revolution Dance Company under the direction of Carrie Webb, the head of the dance department at Mckinley Senior High School, and has developed a dance program within The Boy and Girls Club of Baton Rouge. This is Julian’s 8th season with OMC.



Julia is a dancer from St. Amant, Louisiana, who attended Northwestern State University as a Dance Major. She was a member of the Demon Dazzlers Danceline, and was a board member of the Dance Organization of Students while attending. She has been taught by Brett Garfinkel, Michael Lomeka, Kirstin Riehl, Crystal Lewis, and Rebecca Allen, and more. This is her first year as a member of the Of Moving Colors family.



Gabrielle (Gabby) is attending Louisiana State University and pursuing a degree in Business Management with a minor in Dance. She grew up in Central, LA and was a four-year member of the Central High School Kittens Dance Team, where she received awards through American All-Star and Universal Dance Association and was the captain her senior year. She has studied various genres of dance at the Center of Performing Arts, The CODA, under the direction of Stephanie Faucette-Gremillion and Micaela Coner, and RAVE Performing Arts Company, under the direction of Rachel Vierck-Amie.  She was a member of the RAVE competition and performance teams and is currently a co-teacher at RAVE. While receiving training in the LSU Dance Department, Gabby is excited to continue dancing with OMC.  This will be her third year!

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Featured dancer: Cassandra Soniat-Boyd

Ann Connelly Fine Art

American Audio Visual

Denise Atol

Phoebe Rosebud Smith-Atol

Baton Rouge Music Exchange

Big Buddy

Billy Wilson and Family

Bistro Byronz

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Deanna Knoff

Eye Wander Photography

Emma Granier

LeeAnn Kozan

Claire Major

Mid City Ballroom

Monica Murphy

Red Cake Events

Synergy Communications

Tina Sway

Tone BR

OMC continues to host free Dance for Parkinson's, and movement for all ages, classes led by Susan Perlis weekly.  Check out our outreach page for more information!

OMC is partnering with Big Buddy to present The Love Revolution this April.  Parents can register their kids for this 6 week dance education experience through our website!

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