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Photo by Raegan Labat


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Photo by Frank McMains


OMC in The Advocate: 

Advocate Photo by Chris Burns

Of Moving Colors' 'Kick It Out ... With Love' is awe-inspiring

Advocate photo by Caroline Ourso 

Kick It Out: Of Moving Colors brings audiences to the movies and Broadway with 'That's Entertainment'

Long before the death of Debbie Reynolds, the Of Moving Colors dance troupe had been tapping and tipping over the sofa, just like the iconic "Good Morning" number...

Photo by Aaron Hogan of Eye Wander Photo

Of Moving Colors explores Edgar Allan Poe's life, stories in 'Nevermore'

Photo by Aaron Hogan of Eye Wander Photo

Of Moving Colors Kicks off 30th season by invoking Vivald's 'The Four Seasons'

A not-so-funny thing happened on the way to producing the show that would open Of Moving Colors' 30th season. The flood came...

Young love returns when Of Moving Colors reprises 'Romeo + Juliet' at the Manship Theatre on Friday

Young love is just as much in demand in autumn as it is in the spring, and it will be abundant when Of Moving Colors reprises "Romeo + Juliet" on Friday... 

Photo by David Humphreys

Of Moving Colors starts rad season with ’80s production

“Like, Totally” is going to be tripendicular, for sure.

How could it be anything less, with music by WHAM, The B-52s and The Talking Heads?...

Dancing with art: Of Moving Colors performance features sets designed by Peter Shire

This could be a Pygmalion moment...

OMC in DigBR: 

Romeo, Romeo

As their final performance for the 2014-2015 season, Of Moving Colors (OMC)’s “Romeo and Juliet” will serve as the dance company’s first foray into adapting a Shakespearean play into a contemporary dance piece...

Kick It Out

Contemporary dance-theatre company Of Moving Colors (OMC) will soon ‘kick off’ its first show of 2015 with its annual performance of “Kick It Out.”...

“A favorite of seasoned dance enthusiasts, college students, and everyone in between, Of Moving Colors is a treasure to behold in the capital city.  Offering an experience unmatched in film or theatre, OMC stands out as an emotional, visual, and physical rollercoaster, stealing the audience for a fabulous ride with each cutting-edge performance.”

City Social 2006

“…Since my first experience with this ensemble, I have been very impressed with the vision and artistry Of Moving Colors brings to performance.  They are a vibrant organization offering consistently fresh and exciting performances.  Under the gifted leadership of Mrs. Garland Goodwin Wilson, this ensemble has achieved a very impressive stature and is certainly poised for further achievement.” 

Timothy Muffitt

Baton Rouge Symphony Orchestra

“Of Moving Colors Productions is a thriving player in the local arts scene.  It continues to introduce new artistic concepts to the community… [combining dance with] poetry, theater and visual arts.  The diverse music ranges from Mozart to Gershwin to Led Zeppelin in a single show.  The shows are fun, fanciful and endlessly inspiring.”

225 Magazine, 2007

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OMC in 225 Magazine: 

 Photo by Collin Richie

Why The Arts Matter: Dance

In Living Color: For Of Moving Colors, dance has always been about more than dancing...


This definitely isn’t the easiest Shakespeare play to stage. With its island setting, magical characters and various subplots, not to mention a giant storm, The Tempest is a huge undertaking....

Of Moving Colors presents a program choreographed by community leaders 

Last August, Of Moving Colors (OMC) director Garland Goodwin Wilson began making a series of unexpected phone calls...

Of Moving Colors heads to the Capitol - dance company stresses importance of 'Code Red' 

Of Moving Colors will perform a new piece, choreographed by LSU’s Sandra Parks, and host a mass public performance with an event called “Code Red” tomorrow at noon. The performance is part of the state Office of Cultural Development’s Culture Connection program, which celebrates 20 years of state decentralized arts funding, and is timed with the current legislative session...

Taking flight - Of Moving Colors looks back on a nontraditional season 

Dancing on water, dancing up and down the Capitol steps, dancing while dangling above a crowd at Baton Rouge Blues Festival. In Garland Goodwin Wilson’s words, “It’s been a pretty good year.”... 

OMC in Country Roads Magazine: 

Romeo + Juliet ... Without Words: Of Moving Colors tells the timeless teenage love story through dance

“You don’t have to move constantly, I need you to find moments of stillness,” Pavel Zustiak instructs his cadre of four dancers—Romeo, Rosaline, Juliet, and Paris—as they rotate a metal scaffold set on wheels...

Photo by Frank McMains

Bodies Bridge Worlds: Of Moving Color's asks thirteen non-dancers to collaborate on its April performance, You Tell Me

Of Moving Colors seems to be stretching the boundaries of communication these days, trying to bridge the distance between dance vocabularies and idioms from other domains, artistic or otherwise. 

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