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Of Moving Colors Productions' Company Dancers present

Dancers inVest

 a fun-filled, fantastic fundraising frenzy!



You! Join us as we raise money for Of Moving Colors Productions by supporting dancers as they race to thoroughly accessorize a vest. The more you donate, the more they can decorate!


This exciting challenge is a great chance to support local artists! 


Of Moving Colors Productions is a local contemporary dance company with a love for this city. We work hard to spread creativity throughout the Greater Baton Rouge Area, but can't do it without your help (and the help of these lovely dancers in vests)!

We hope to raise $4500 dollars through this fundraiser.


Each dancer is equipped with a plain vest and a bag of prizes. As you, the donor, contribute to the dancer of your choice, they add something from that bag of prizes to their vest. By the end of this fundraiser, we hope to see a group of dancers with stunning vests! But which dancer will shine brightest? That's up to you!


Dancers inVest begins on October 17th and ends on October 31st! 


Follow us on Instagram to keep up with the action @ofmovingcolors

Stay tuned for the launch of the Dancers inVest fundraising page on October 17th!

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