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Dear Parents,


We are in the final stretch! This newsletter covers everything you need to know about our final week, and our days in the theatre. Thank you all for your support so far, and we are looking forward to everyone helping backstage this week. Please use this as a checklist to stay on top of things as we get closer to the BIG DAY next Saturday. We can’t wait to see your precious children come alive on the big stage!

- the Kick It Out Team


Mandatory Rehearsals & Showtimes

Sun, Jan 23                 12-4pm All Classes at Powell Moise    

                                 EVERYTHING DUE & TURNED IN!!


At Manship Theatre

Thursday, Jan 27          4:30-6:30pm Older classes Danke & Hit the Road

                                 5:30-7:30 Younger Classes Crocodile & Chim Chim 


6:00pm                      Cast Picture (Please have your little ones ready to slip on their costume and take the picture at 6:00



Friday, Jan 28              5:30-9:30pm DRESS REHEARSAL 


Saturday, Jan 29          1:00pm Call for 2pm show Turn In Video Orders

                                 Turn in Parent evaluations

                                 NOTE:  Children must check out of the theatre between performances


                                 6:30pm: Call for 7:30pm show Turn In Video Orders

                                 Turn in Parent evaluations


It’s Not too Late to Get Tickets!

The link to purchase tickets is live and on our website! 

  • Click the red button “BUY TICKETS HERE” at Parents’ Corner: 

  • NEXT SELECT THE TIME  (Either 2 or 7:30) before clicking “PURCHASE TICKETS.”   

  • Then continue on with your purchase.


A ticket is required for all attending… even toddlers.  There is not a  free “lap” child entrance.  This is the policy of the theatre.


MORE Backstage Helpers Needed!

Thank you to our parents that have already signed up to help backstage. However, there are more slots to fill.  Remember, each parent is expected to work at least one shift during our time in the theatre.  Here’s the link to sign up:




Raffle Tickets

Tickets & money were due last Sunday. Please get yours in and remember we need unsold tickets returned as well. There’s still time to help your dancer get points for prizes and enter people into the raffle for the big drawing at the intermission of the 7:30 pm show.


Spotlights + Ads

The LAST DAY to accept payment and forms for Spotlights is tomorrow (SUN JAN 23).


Before Entering the Theatre…

Before entering the theatre, all projects, payments, and information must be completed. Your child cannot enter the theatre until we have insurance information and tuition is reconciled.  We will have a table set up Sunday at practice and Thursday at the drop-off spot at the theatre.


COVID-19 Protocol

We request but will not require that your child wears a mask until the show. We also give you our word that we will:

     •share all reports of COVID

     •follow Louisiana protocol

Unfortunately, children cannot participate if they test positive for Covid or have a fever.  


Upcoming Expenses

Please note that you will have an opportunity to purchase a flash drive with a video of the show ($30) and photos at a very reasonable price from Eye Wander Photo:  

11x14- $20 (regularly $100)

8x10- $10 (regularly $40)

5x7- $5 (regularly $20)

4x6- $3 (regularly $12)


At The Theatre:

Drop Off/Pick Up

We will have a carpool drop-off spot outside of the theatre. Come down North Blvd heading toward the river, after you pass 3rd street look for the bright yellow and black sign on the right. This is where you will drop off your child. They will sign in at the registration table just beyond the door. All parents must check children out from the lobby of the theatre at the Information & Sign out table for the kiddos.


Hair and Makeup

Girl’s hair should be in a low, slicked-back bun. NO BANGS and NO “fly-a-ways.”  Please make sure pins are secured and hair is “head-shakable” (have your child shake their head as fast as they can to test). Boy's hair should be neat & out of their faces. Girl’s makeup can be as simple or fancy as you desire, but all girls must wear red lipstick and a little blush so they will not be washed out by the stage lights. Girls should arrive with their hair and make-up done! BUT make sure you also send kids with hair and make-up supplies, hair gels, bands, and pins as needed in case they need a refresher.  Boys do not need make-up.


What to Bring:

Please bring water (only), dry hearty snacks, and small games or entertainment items for your children (since they will be backstage for a while). Snacks should be labeled in a zip lock or bag. They will be held at the snack station. NO FOOD is allowed in the dressing rooms or the theatre! Lastly, costumes will stay with us and will be hung up in the dressing rooms this week. Dancers will be able to take their costumes home after the 7:30 show.



Remember,  if you can’t find this fabulous piece of paper, you can always check the Parent’s Corner online or email us at with any questions. 

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