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Anne Marie Herring has been dancing for over twenty years. She began her dance training at Machita Dance Company (MDC) and was part of the competition team for four years. During her years at MDC, Anne Marie was privileged to train with a number of different choreographers across a variety of genres. She attended Saint Joseph’s Academy and took ballet and modern dance classes while maintaining her training at MDC. After graduating high school, Anne Marie moved taught dance classes of varying age ranges and styles at MDC while obtaining her undergraduate degree. In December 2020, she graduated from Louisiana State University (LSU) with her undergraduate degree in Accounting with a minor in Internal Audit. In her last full season with OMC, Anne Marie also obtained her Master of Business Administration at LSU. Anne Marie was the Raffle Chair for Kick It Out 2020 & 2022, as well as a Kick It Out teacher for three years. Anne Marie is honored to have been an emerging choreographer at OMC, showcasing her works in performances of Kick it Out: That’s Entertainment, POP!, & Clock Tower. Anne Marie’s danced with Of Moving Colors for five years, and returned for OMC’s second showing of Clock Tower in fall of 2022.

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