In the wake of the years of overlooked racial injustice, we’d like to share with you some thoughts and discussions that have permeated our company and engaged our staff and dancers.  Of Moving Colors Productions was founded with a vision for diversity. With this said, we can do better.  Always.  We support inclusion, unity, justice, repentance, resetting, mercy and change.  The world will not change until we do.  We stand strong with the voices, hearts and minds who strive for a just society.  We were created for something much larger than ourselves.  We can do better.  Of Moving Colors has a voice in the conversation, a heart that’s open to acknowledge another’s pain and a responsibility to stand tall as we lift each other upward.  We are committed to working hard, being mindful and focusing on how black lives absolutely matter.  We are proud to stand for racial equality and make space for the mission.

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- John Davies

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