Sunday, August 16

LSU Music and Dramatic Arts Building

Room 123A

3 - 5 pm (doors open at 2:30)



OMC is looking for experienced dancers who have had training and/or professional experience in dance, preferably modern.  Ballet training is helpful.  Dancers participate in residencies, classes and workshops with local and world-class professionals.  The creative process for some works also includes improvisations in dance, vocalizations, and theatre.  Company members are paid a small stipend for rehearsals and performances.  Dancers meet for training and rehearsals for approximately nine to twelve hours a week - more during production times.


Please arrive early (doors open at 2:30) to complete the application and begin warming up.




OMC's company classes (advanced contemporary / modern) are open to the public. 

Our season will begin in September, check back here soon for the schedule of classes.

Powell-Moise School of Dance

$15 per class, or $100 for a ten-class card

Photo by Wes Kroninger